Employing and Supporting Neurodiverse Professionals

02/24/2021 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Employing and Supporting Neurodiverse Professionals

Neurodiverse professionals bring significant skills and abilities that can add tremendous value to an organization. How can organizations and neurotypical professionals create and cultivate a more inclusive workplace for neurodiverse individuals? Janet Atwater '84, Professor Karin Wulf and John Elder Robison will lead a presentation on addressing neurodiversity in the workplace and will share tools for creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all professionals to be successful.


Janet Atwater '84, P '17, P '20
Executive Director
The Precision Institute

Karin Wulf
Executive Director
Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture

John Elder Robison
Neurodiversity Scholar in Residence
William & Mary


This event is part of William & Mary’s Professionals Week (February 22-26). All week long, we're celebrating our Tribe network and professional affinities. No matter what stage of your career you're in, join us for events online and let us know your professional achievements and goals by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #OneTribeOneNetwork.


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