The Art of Well Being Gallery Talks 04.19.2021

04/19/2021 03:30 PM - 06:50 PM

The Curatorial Project: "The Art of Well-Being" Gallery Talks with Art History Students

The Art History students involved with this spring's Curatorial Project, "The Art of Well-Being" at the Muscarelle Museum, will be discussing the paintings in their exhibition.

The students involved in this project, led by Professor Catherine Levesque, are as follows:

Liberty Bassett
Caitlin Blomo
Emma Capaldi
Isabella Chalfant
Moss Davis
Tori Erisman
Brianna Gettier
Katie Gibson
June Hodge
Kristen Lauritzen
Hannah London
Inez Olszewski
Savannah Singleton
Katherine Welch
Isabel Williams
Stephan Zhou


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